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The main objective of organizing a National Life Education Center on campus is to establish a platform for education resources distribution in the related fields of social caring. It is also our major aim to build up a harmonious, multicultural campus that truly rewards the achievers and supports the needy. These are the best circumstances in which a warm, cordial, safe, and favorable learning environment can be created. The NLEC in Nanhua is commissioned by the Ministry of Education to execute and enhance several nationwide projects on Life Education. It also plays a multiple role of assister, promoter, consultant, and integrator for the durable academic research and policy advice relevant to Life Education concerns. This new Think Tank is set up by the institute to provide consulting services to the network of Life Education centers at all school levels. A more influential role can be expected for a larger theatre, say, Asia. Our project sets the 5 chief goals to reach:
  1. To consolidate the current Pyramid and enlarge it to a broader terrace
  2. To enliven the mechanism of the inter-college Life Education Alliance
  3. To enhance the current counselling mechanism at the high school level
  4. To help deepen and broaden the counselling mechanism at the junior high
and the elementary school levels
  1. To integrate the interdisciplinary discussions on Life Education into a
National discourse