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Li Jianchuo (2000) believes that life education is the core of holistic education, 
but in the prompts from the limited to the infinite value, indicating the desire of human life, 
to explore the tangible value, so as to accept the infinite possibilities of life, 
empower the life development and energy to achieve the goal. 
He stressed that life is the meaning and value for its pursuit of goals, 
life education should also be based on this as its basis; the implementation of life education, 
the teachers and educators must understand the internal meaning and value, from the practices.
Sun Yuezhi (2000) suggested that life education is a
 "deepening the concept of life, internalization of values, integration of action" 
a person concerned about the meaning of people, ideals and practice of education. 
This is the life of wisdom and vision of life education should be life-long continuous 
learning be the basic meaning, but also the family, 
the school to the workplace are particularly concerned about the quality of education. 
He also stressed that the goal of life education is to cultivate a complete person 
whose connotation should include the establishment and deepening of the outlook on life, 
the reflection and speculation of values, the internalization and practice of life accomplishment.
Ministry of Education (2008) pointed out in the high school elective subjects
"life education" curriculum outline, life education is to explore the fundamental issues of life 
and lead students in life practice to achieve unity of knowledge and education. 
Its connotation includes the deepening of the outlook on life, the internalization of values,
 the unity of personality and the development of spirituality.