Love Tomorrow

  • 2019-11-16
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Here is a lo-fi indie about dance that won the best UK feature award at last year's Raindance festival. Chris Payne directs, and Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt of the BalletBoyz dance company provide the choreography. There are some unusual ideas and a self-conscious sort of potential, but it fails to come together. Oriel is a charismatic Cuban dancer who catches the eye of Maya, an elegant young woman, one day on the tube: driven by a sense that he knows her from somewhere, Oriel strikes up a conversation and the two begin a spontaneous, complex relationship. They are played by professional dancers, Arionel Vargas and Cindy Jourdain. I spent this movie wishing I could have watched it in another form, telling the same story as a stage ballet, with Vargas and Jourdain expressing everything through dance. They are, after all, dancers not actors. Frankly, the performances and line-readings are uneven. The couple's journey through night-time London is interesting: both have a painful past that they are at first reluctant to discuss, especially Maya, but these disclosures are not dramatically developed in any really satisfying way. There are, at any rate, some sharp moments, and a nice contribution from Samuel Barnett playing the suspicious dance director Cal.